Performance Data, a privately held U.S. hardware maintenance company, announced this week that it is expanding its global positioning by acquiring Business Automation Technology Pte Ltd (BAT) and SSCS (M) Sdn Bhd (SSCS). This move marks a significant step for Performance Data providing a geographic expansion into the APAC market as a locally based company.

BAT is a Singapore based system integrator and third-party maintenance service provider established in 1999 with a strong track record in maintaining and repairing data center servers and storage equipment for many fortune 1000 global companies across Asia. Performance Data has worked with BAT over the past couple of years and this has helped establish a strong business partnership between the two companies. SSCS has been operating in Malaysia and Brunei since 2011 and supports businesses ranging from banks and healthcare institutions to SMB and Fortune 1000 companies in their data center IT support needs.

Performance Data has been providing vertical specific software development and distribution, IT systems integrations, maintenance and support services to clients and partners in North America and Europesince 2008. With the acquisitions of BAT and SSCS, Performance Data establishes its foothold in the Asiamarket and obtains clients such as Malaysia Airlines, Maybank, and Maxis. Performance Data has been making significant efforts to address client demand from the global market in the third-party maintenance landscape.

Through the acquisitions of BAT and SSCS, Performance Data now provides IT maintenance and support services to client-partners in over 100 countries spreading across 6 continents with local stocking facilities in these locations to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements. With 24/7 technical capabilities and support tools, Performance Data delivers expert support on hardware from major manufacturers including Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, Oracle, Fujitsu, and Sun.

“We are very excited about the acquisitions and to be part of Performance Data’s global business.  Our customers in the US and Europe will enjoy all the benefits and convenience of working with our counterparts in their respective regions; we should see a quicker turnaround time for inquiries due to similar time zones and by freeing us to focus on service delivery, customers will experience further improvements to our service delivery standards,” said James Lim, founder of BAT and co-founder of SSCS.

“These acquisitions enable us to increase Performance Data’s immediate reach into the Asian market, which allows us to fulfill global maintenance contracts for our clients with in-house expertise and minimized outsourcing of field engineers,” said David Selakovic, CEO of Performance Data.

The acquisition of BAT and SSCS will give Performance Data a strong presence on the ground, crucial local knowledge, and the ability to build and maintain lasting relationships with clients based on an excellent reputation of the companies internationally.

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