The Service Industry Association (SIA), a global organization of companies that support the high technology service chain, held its annual summit in Las Vegas last week. Each year, this 2 ½ day conference brings together service executives from the Americas, Europe, and APAC to discuss industry trends, share best practices, and network. This year’s summit drew more than 70 companies that collectively support billions of dollars in high technology equipment around the world.

Apart from service executives, this year’s summit also drew two of the industry’s leading analysts from Gartner and IDC. Gartner analyst Christine Tenneson spoke about her March 2016 report entitled “Competitive Landscape: Data Center and Network Third Party Maintenance Service Providers.” Among her recommendations, Tenneson remarked that the ability to support devices outside the U.S. will become the most critical way to differentiate from other TPMs, as all TPMs offer cost savings and flexibility over OEMs. She also advised to increase focus on APAC as a growth area, and to leverage partnerships and acquisitions to expand the opportunity for global growth.

Performance Data did just this by acquiring two leading TPM companies based in Asia earlier this month. James Lim, founder of the acquired BAT and SSCS, has joined Performance Data as COO. He has been an active delegate at SIA summits since 2010, and was the first from Asia to be part of the association. A familiar voice at SIA, especially when it comes to global service delivery related topics, Lim served as a panelist for a discussion centered on challenges facing the hardware maintenance industry as a whole.

Lim has been in the TPM industry for 10 years, and has played a significant role in providing American and European partners an APAC support platform that empowers them to deliver services to their clients on a global scale. He stated, “More companies are gearing towards growth in Asia. Most of our clients in the U.S. and Europe who started their business supporting companies based in their country are very active in Asia today. Performance Data will continue to provide premium support and professional services to these clients, and we welcome more TPM or IT companies who want to be part of the Asian economy to collaborate with us.”

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